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The Northshore Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy group aims to inspire our kids to plan, act, and give for the common good of their community. By uniting students that need service hours with local nonprofits that need assistance, we hope to foster a lifetime of giving.

Joining is easy, feels good and looks great on a college or job application. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start click-click-clickety-clicking and JOIN already. 

Already a member? Need a letter as proof of your completed service hours? Email Jeanne for that HERE.

Rules, Regs & Info to Download

Nonprofit Event Calendar

Browse this nonprofit event calendar for an organization that you might be inspired to help. Volunteers needed before, during and after. Contact names are on the calendar or email:

What can you do to make a difference NOW?

1) Explore this website to learn about the NCF.

2) Like, follow, share and comment on our social media posts. 

3) Tell your friends and family about the good works we do daily.


If you have friends who you think might be interested in the group, let us know (or better yet, let THEM know!) We offer incentives for you to get others to join our worthy cause. Use the Rules & Regs link above to give them more info.


Step 1 -

The info part - takes seconds, then come back for #2.

Online Application

Step 2

The money part - takes you to our partner org, BRAF. $30 in the amount field.

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