Planning for Smart Growth

In order for our region to thrive, our communities must grow with a constant, watchful eye on the best ways to plan for what we will become. Our plans work to foster economic growth, create safe and abundant housing opportunities, preserve our environmental assets and build communities that feel like home. 

Our planning projects include:

Northshore Visioning Project

The Northshore region has undergone significant change and growth over the past 30 years. Projections continue to rank the Northshore region as one of the most desirable regions of the state - attracting new residents and businesses to the area. In the face of this continued growth and development, civic leaders began wrestling in 2015 with the question of “what do we [as a region] want to look like in 20 years?” 

A Task Force, comprised of stakeholders representing the private and public sectors and led by the Northshore Community Foundation, was formed to answer the question and to create a vision that maintains the desirability of the Northshore through a Regional Visioning Process.

Northshore: North of Your Expectations ... See the FULL PLAN HERE

City of Hammond

Unregulated growth, worsening traffic, limited housing choices for seniors and young workers—these are common problems for growing communities. But with a grant from the Northshore Community Foundation, Hammond has responded to these challenges with a comprehensive plan to build a great city. Renowned firm Dover Kohl & Associates created the plan with input, ideas and inspiration from residents. The plan calls for development that’s focused in existing areas, improving and reviving the neighborhoods that are already there. It advocates for more parks and roadways friendly to walking and biking. It envisions new neighborhoods of mixed uses and the building of beautiful gateways.

West 30’s Neighborhood Revitalization – Covington

Several years ago, the Foundation’s board made a commitment to the West 30s neighborhood, with a grant for a revival plan for this community.  This plan includes providing safe, quality housing options and improvements to Peter Atkins Park. “I have seen an immediate renewed interest of what is going on in the West 30s, both in and out of the neighborhood,” said Nathan Young, of Faith Bible Church in Covington. “Before this plan, the West 30s was out of sight, out of mind. Now people are talking about and doing things that will make it a better community.”

Old Town Mandeville Resiliency Plan

Creating a distinctive attractive community with a strong sense of place is the purpose of the Old Mandeville Town Center Resiliency Plan.  The plan’s scope focuses on the details of the optimum public/private/residential mix and optimum physical layout of the area to include Girod Street, Carroll Street, Florida Street to Livingston Street.

Town of Amite

The Downtown District Revitalization Plan establishes the vital, yet flexible framework for a sustainable, smart future. Developing the plan is a critical step in expanding the town’s economic role while protecting and enhancing its rich cultural and ecological resources. This plan is a resource for the community to use when considering development proposals, obtaining grants, and prioritizing community needs.

St. Helena Parish

The St. Helena Comprehensive Plan is based on a set of goals based upon the strengths and assets of St. Helena Parish to include:

  • Capitalize on Connections

  • Strengthen Parish Identity

  • Sustainably Utilize Natural Resources

  • Foster Economic Growth

  • Protect the Rural Character