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Exceptional Lives Louisiana

In August 2017, the Foundation helped to launch a free, trustworthy, easy-to-follow informational website for parents and caregivers of children and young adults with disabilities in our state.


Their mission is to close the information gap and ensure that every family has the information they need to help their exceptional child thrive.


Interactive How-To Guides - Their Guides walk you through complex processes and connect you to the agencies that offer benefits and services.

A Searchable Resource Directory - Their Directory helps you find service providers and other resources near home.

Personal Support - Their Helpline provides free support by phone or email.


Plain Language - They make government and legal jargon easy to read and act on.

Personalized - They replace millions of search results – and dense, one-size-fits-all websites – with information tailored to each family’s situation.

Action-oriented - They turn the hardest process into manageable steps parents can take today.

Have a question? Give them a call directly at (844) 354-1212