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We are not focused on income, we are focused on outcomes. We work for you. We are your community foundation.

Our region is blessed with fundamental qualities that are easy to take for granted. From good schools and safe streets to nature’s abundance in green trees and fresh water, we enjoy a quality of life that many communities could envy. At the Northshore Community Foundation we work to protect those assets while inspiring philanthropy and empowering others to ensure that our region thrives. Learn more about the Foundation

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North of Your Expectations

The Northshore is one of those rare places that combine quality of life with accessibility, a progressive business climate with natural beauty, and vibrant culture with community. We know that there’s no place better. Come exceed all expectations on the Northshore. Visit to learn more about this wonderful place.

BikeShare study in full swing!

The NCF is conducting a feasibility study to make sure that a bike sharing system will work in our area. We believe it will but we have left that determination up to the experts. As soon as the findings are released, we will post them here. If you would like to let us know what YOU think about it, feel free to click HERE to reach the Community Input page.


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