The Northshore Community Foundation is proud to award the Dick Knight Award, in honor of the late Richard F. “Dick” Knight, a founding and beloved board member. The annual $5,000 Award will recognize an individual for his or her commitment and service to the charitable, nonprofit sector in the four parish region. The spirit of the award is to recognize nonprofit staff who have significant tenure in service-based work and have a body of accomplishments that reflect success through diligence, commitment, resiliency, vision, and excellence.

The award must be used for personal enrichment and cannot be donated back to any nonprofit. The Foundation would like to thank Resource Bank, the Gia Maione Prima Foundation and the Fund for Bogalusa for the contributions to making this years award possible.

Community members may submit nominations of qualified candidates, as names of the nominators are not disclosed. The Selection Committee, consisting of board members of the Foundation and other community leaders, vote and submit their recommendation to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for final approval.


2018 Award Winner - Myrna Jordan:

In 2001, a spry 70-year-old Myrna Jordan assumed the role of Executive Director as a volunteer. She accepted the job because she loved people and wanted to meet the needs of her community. Compensation never entered her mind. Myrna continued to serve as the volunteer Executive Director of Our Daily Bread for 17 years until her retirement in 2018, managing a staff of nine paid employees and over 400 volunteers. Because of her success, Our Daily Bread now serves as a “parent” food bank to 26 smaller, local distribution pantries; distributes 30,000 boxes of food annually with a total value of over $2.6 million dollars; serves 14,400 children and 13,000 seniors annually; and provides food to youth programs, rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters and the local veterans home. There is no better example of commitment, servant leadership and quiet impact than Myrna Jordan who epitomizes all the attributes of this awards’ namesake.

“The Dick Knight award was such an honor to receive and so unexpected. I would like to thank the Northshore Community Foundation for recommending me for this award and especially thank them for all of the support they gave to Our Daily Bread food bank through the years. I would also like to send my personal thanks to the Knight family, Resource Bank, the Gia Maione Prima Foundation and the Fund for Bogalusa for their generous support of this gift,” said Jordan.

Dianne Baham, 2017 DKA recipient and leader of STARC of Louisiana is just one shining example of worthiness.

Dianne Baham, 2017 DKA recipient and leader of STARC of Louisiana is just one shining example of worthiness.