Stirling Fest - Philanthropy and Fun


Corporate Philanthropy is a big deal at Stirling Properties and an important part of their everyday company culture throughout the Gulf South region… But they also make it a lot of fun.


Every year Stirling Properties selects several nonprofits to become the recipients of the charitable dollars that they raise throughout the year. Team members can nominate whatever nonprofit moves them and a company-wide vote determines where the raised funds will end up. This year those charitable funds (a total of $15,000 to each) will go to Special Olympics, La., Ronald McDonald House, Mobile, Camp N.O.R.A. and Safe Harbor.

They kickoff their annual campaign by fundraising through corporate supporters and other local businesses. Also, they have mini fundraisers internally throughout the year such as dressing down for a $5 donation and employee payroll deduction options.

It all culminates in a company-wide festival of games and entertainment which is enjoyed by the entire company. In their seventh year, Stirling has changed it from an Olympics-style event to more of a music festival with games and prizes held this year at Digs Volleyball Complex. The Hawaiian-themed day had delicious food, drinks, music by DJ El Camino (aka Michael Hecht of GNO, Inc.) entertainment, act, games, raffles, prizes and competitions such as beach volleyball, horseshoes and group activities. Wrapping up in a 4-team relay event representing each of the designated nonprofits.

Through their founding partners, the executive staff, every department and even partner vendors, Stirling uses their fund at the Northshore Community Foundation to strengthen communities where they work and empower employees to engage in philanthropy in their own backyards. We provide efficiency and philanthropic administration services to Stirling so they can focus on doing what they do best.