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You can make a difference and we can help.

The Foundation is a member-driven organization that serves individuals, families and organizations who want guidance in giving back to their community in a meaningful and impactful way.


Happening at the Foundation


North of Your Expectations

Have you seen the new Welcome to the Northshore magazine? It is a beauty and full of useful info about our region that has leveraged its physical assets into recreational opportunities focused on outdoor/ nature-based experiences such as hiking, biking, or water sports. These experiences are not only part of the region’s economic diversification, they are also part of the Northshore’s quality of life, supporting the notion that Northshore residents can live, work, and play in the region. MORE⟶


Exceptional Lives Louisiana

Getting an autism diagnosis can be scary, but there are therapies and services that can help you and your child navigate these waters. Exceptional Lives will show you how to find them and connect with systems of support. Short, customized guides will help you know what to do, who to call and where to go for answers. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. MORE⟶


It takes a village

Within 10 days they raised $6000 for Folsom Elementary PTA to aid students with school supplies. They met the first wave of requests and, thanks to the great pricing from Main's Market Grocery, monies are left over to help with the growth in student count and needs throughout the school year.

“One call to the Northshore Community Foundation and within 24 hours we had an account for the donations and a process and support for purchasing and delivering supplies. They made it easy, and transparent and that gave donors confidence in how their funds would be put to use. So an idea about how the two of us could help quickly turned into dozens of people making a difference,” said Cindy Sibley.

“The scholarship I received through the NCF means everything to me. Without it I would not still be at LSU. I thank every single one of you for believing in me. I will not disappoint!”

– Miya Tate, Bogalusa Fund Scholarship Recipient


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