Northshore Weather Relief Fund

In anticipation of Tropical Storm Barry striking Louisiana's vulnerable coast, the Foundation welcomes donations to our weather relief fund. Gifts to the fund will help us make grants quickly to nonprofits and service organizations that will provide immediate relief to people in South Louisiana.


Torrential rains, swelling waterways and the destruction of local homes and businesses prompted the Northshore Community Foundation to create the Northshore Weather Relief Fund. Hundreds of local individuals and corporations have helped this fund grow by leaps and bounds with their tax deductible donations enabling us to grant all of that generosity to those nonprofits big and small in our area that helped to put shattered lives back together.

Since we opened our doors in 2007, and because of your generosity, the Foundation has granted out nearly $2.5 million in weather-related aid, reconstruction and recovery money to those who need it most.

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