World of Wonder Fund

This fund was established in January of 2014 by Jacqueline “Jinx” Vidrine, Ph.D. to provide educational enrichment opportunities for women and children to spark and embrace an appreciation for our world, oneself, and most importantly each other.

Donations also accepted to support this initiative at the “Donate to this Fund” button. Thank you!

Donations also accepted to support this initiative at the “Donate to this Fund” button. Thank you!

ONGOING Enrichment programs & initiatives

Summer Camps
Legacy Gardens
Environmental Grants
World Map Project
Operation Underwear
Put Your Best Foot Forward
Little Lending Libraries

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The mission is to partner with St. Tammany public schools and nonprofits to create vegetable gardens and edible landscapes.


The vision is to connect children to their food, to promote healthy nutrition, and to nurture, embrace, and respect the environment.


The goal is to bring together students, teachers, parents, master gardeners, and community leaders to create and utilize vegetable gardens and edible landscapes as outdoor classrooms.

Download the Legacy Garden Brochure - HERE

Project Information:

What is the WOW Legacy Garden Project?

The WOW Legacy Garden Project was established by Jacqueline "Jinx" Vidrine, Ph.D., to provide grants that bring together master gardeners, teachers, parents, students, and community leaders to plant and harvest vegetables in St. Tammany public schools and community gardens.

How does the WOW Legacy Garden Project work?

A St. Tammany public school teacher, a PTA representative, or a nonprofit representative can apply for a grant to create a legacy garden.

How did the Legacy Garden Project get started?

Jacqueline "Jinx" Vidrine is a retired teacher and college professor on a mission. She began connecting children to nature by establishing the Legacy Garden Project for public schools in St. Tammany Parish. Over 20 schools and 4 nonprofits now have established vegetable gardens and edible landscapes.

Who is eligible for a garden grant?

Any St. Tammany Parish public school, PTA or nonprofit organization involved in education is eligible for a community garden grant.

What grants are available?

The Legacy Garden Fund awards $250 grants to build new gardens. Successful existing Legacy Gardens are eligible for further funding. Grants are awarded according to funding available.

How do I apply for a garden grant?

Applications are accepted year-round. Grant applications must be signed by (1) the applicant and (2) the school principal or the agency director. Submit the completed signed application to address on the form.

What is expected of a grant recipient?

Projects must be completed within 3 months. Grant recipients must submit a picture of the completed garden project and mail all receipts to the WOW Fund.

Can I sponsor a Legacy Garden for a St. Tammany school?

YES! You can sponsor a Legacy Garden for only $250 And the Jinx Vidrine Legacy Foundation will match your donation.

Legacy Garden Grant Application - HERE

Legacy Garden Matching Donation Form - HERE

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To develop in children a deep caring for themselves, their community, and this vast interconnected world through hands-on enrichment opportunities for children in low-income summer programs in St. Tammany Parish.

To enhance academic achievement, promote healthy living skills, instill environmental stewardship, and encourage social and community development, creating a nurturing and respectful appreciation for our earth.

Download the Summer Camps Brochure  - HERE


What is the WOW Summer Camp Program?

A summer educational enrichment program that touches the lives of over 1,000 underprivileged children in St. Tammany Parish.

How does the WOW Summer Camp Program work?

Certified teachers are hired to travel to summer camps to provide creative educational programs that awaken undereducated children to the wonders of the world.

How did the WOW Summer Camp Program start?

In 2013, Jinx Vidrine invited herself to teach sign language at a summer camp. After seeing the need to supplement the children’s experiences and learning, she sponsored an enrichment teacher to visit two camps two mornings a week for eight weeks. The word spread to other camps. The demand grew AND the World of Wonder Foundation was born.

Which camps does the WOW Summer Camp Program serve?

Presently, two teachers are serving St. Tammany Parish camps, which include the YMCA, Upward Community Services, the Covington Boys and Girls Club, First Pentecostal Church Camp, Fritchie Park Summer Camp, and the Slidell Boys and Girls Club.

How can you help? Match Me!

Two more camps are on a waiting list for the upcoming summer. More lives could be touched if additional funding can be secured for supplies, field trips, speakers, teacher salaries, and scholarships. For only $200 you can open the World of Wonder to a child and we will MATCH your donation!

Summercamp Matching Donation Form - HERE