Krewe of AWE Fund

Save Vanishing Species with AWE (Awesome Wildlife Effort) was initially founded in 2013 to educate using Art, Social Media, and Public Broadcasting on the threat of extinction in the wild to Elephants, Rhinos, and Big Cats.

In following years, reports have been issued by Tulane, Stanford, and the Vatican that not only was Earth entering its Sixth Mass Extinction, but agro-toxins from fertilizers were accumulating in waterways causing more than 400 dead zones worldwide.  

In 2015 the largest dead zone in the world was in over 5,000 square miles near Grand Isle, Louisiana.  

“AWE” works with various art mediums to educate. 

In 2015, AWE worked with the City of Kenner, LA to dedicate a sculpture designed to draw attention to Elephants as a Vanishing Species.  “Ella” is believed to be the first such sculpture in the United States. AWE also works with elected officials at the federal level. 

AWE designed a modern version of the 1970’s TV-Show Wild Kingdom.  Called “Awesome Wildlife Effort” the shows airs on Public Broadcasting TV and is produced by WLAE-TV.  The theme of the 30 minute show is to feature people in various ways making an “Awesome Wildlife Effort.”  

As the video content has increased, AWE has added a You Tube Channel named:  “AWE News,”  and an online newsletter which can be viewed at Content has increased to include education on the impact of the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone on shrimpers and oystermen. 

AWE has developed a relationship with Derrick and Beverly Joubert of Botswana.  AWE is helping the Jouberts raise funds to move 100 Rhino to a safe place in Botswana.  In return the Jouberts have supplied film to air on WLAE-TV and discounts on safari packages in Botswana. 

AWE parades in Mardi Gras as Great Tusker Elephants both to educate and to raise funds.  During the parades AWE stands for “A Walk for Elephants.”   Members of AWE obtain pledges for wildlife adoptions and hand out literature to educate on the threat to elephants, and other vanishing species.

Besides the Joubert’s Rhino Program, AWE symbolically adopts other threatened species. Julibee the orphaned baby elephant was symbolically adopted in Sri Lanka and serves as AWE’s mascot. 

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